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At Navab Brothers we travel the world to find the right rug for you. If finding a more modern or contemporary rug at Navab Brothers seems easy, it is because we have done the scouting and leg work for you. For us no distance is too far. Back allies of Kathmandu and villages of India, may seem too exotic and and far away but to Navab Brothers are familiar terrritory. There we place our orders for rug designs inspired by the likes of well known Bauhaus designer Walter Gropius.

In the far and distant land of Persia, traveling on horseback along with Qashqi nomadic tribes, Navab Brothers find minimalist Gabbeh rugs made from pure vegetable dyes by beautiful and capable hands of Basseri or Shish Bolouki women. Yes primitive conditions and arduous mountain passes are the norm there, but the reward of finding a contemporary or modern design in such surroundings is nothing short of the thrill of listening to a tale from the one thousand and one night!

Afghan tribal people are the ones who make Chuk Palu rugs, the intensely dark but radiant colored creations that are made in simple geometric forms within a more modern and contemporary palette. The sparsely designed fields make these rugs ideal for an Scandinavian setting. Once or twice a year Navab Brothers make their way in to the once summer capital of India, Lohore! Now a cultural center of Pakistan Lahore is the perfect city to find Afghan creations in transitional and or contemporary designs.

These Rugs are available in various sizes (click on links for details)

Square Dance   Modern Indian Gabbeh 3   Modern Indian Gabbeh 6
Gabbeh Square Dance   Modern Indian Gabbeh 3   Modern Indian Gabbeh 6
Modern Indian Gabbeh 7   Modern Indian Gabbeh 8   Nelson 1
Modern Indian
Gabbeh 7
  Modern Indian
Gabbeh 8
  Bauhaus Collection
Nelson 1
Nelson 2
Stripes 1
Nelson 3
Bauhaus Collection:
Nelson 2
  Bauhaus Collection:
Stripes 1
  Bauhaus Collection:
Nelson 3
Rothko   Stripes 2   Asian Art A
Bauhaus Collction:
  Bauhaus Collction
Stripes 2
  Asian Art A
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