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Over the years together with their Afghan and Pakistani partners, Navab Brothers have developed special washes that create the right vintage look so sought after in contemporary furnishings. The gray, silver and light blue tones are created in Navab Brothers owned and operated facilities in Lahore City's industrial park. There, together with their design team, they come up with modern and contemporary designs that, even though far and away from streets and suburbs of Minneapolis, reflect the desires of Navab Brothers customers who are looking for a more transitional or contemporary design.

Bring your fabrics, color swatches and suggestions. Our trained professional staff will help you find that elusive contemporary or modern rug. Finding the right rug is a process that can take some time. But at Navab Brothers we promise to make it a more pleasant experience for you.

These Rugs are available in various sizes (click on links for details)

Asian Art B   Asian Art C   Asian Art D
Asian Art B   Asian Art C   Asian Art D
India Gabbeh A   India Gabbeh B   India Gabbeh C
India Gabbeh A   India Gabbeh B   India Gabbeh C
India Transitional A
India Transitional   Damask_AL2-23982   Damask_AL2-23848
Damask_AL2-23847   Damask_AL2-23833   Damask_AL198-24150
Damask_AL2-23847   Damask_AL2-23833   Damask_AL198-24150
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